OUR STORY by Amy Byram

Empire House is an old town hall, that had many uses in its history, but had been office space for the past 30 years. When the building came on the market, I viewed it with my dad – who is a well known local housebuilder – and we knew it was just was not living its potential. It was tired and pretty unloved.​

With my background as a PR consultant, I am lucky enough to get to know many local businesses and what they need. I felt Huddersfield was lacking in opportunities for dynamic business people to meet and do business with each other. And I knew that we could turn the building into something special. So, we set about creating a business members’ club – and Empire House was born. The name derives from the idea that business owners will come to meet others/make connections, build on their profile, and use it as a platform to grow their business empires.

Like most businesses, the pandemic impacted us. We were just in the throes of renovation work in March 2019, and it delayed our opening by around a year, but I’m grateful that it hit before we opened, not after. Because whilst the concept was born pre-COVID, we were able to tweak our business model to suit the new way of working – and we now have the perfect hybrid working environment.

We opened in July 2021, and our memberships are growing every week.

Each membership option provides the facility to work from our lounge, giving our clients somewhere to escape, when WFH becomes tiresome. But we are so much more than a co-working space. With anything I do – whether it’s PR or Empire House – I believe in adding value to my clients’ businesses. That’s why we are laser focused on generating a return on membership fees.

We get under the skin of your business, introduce you to all the right people, and support yours and your business’ goals.

Some of the main reasons our members sign up are:

  • • To network amongst/socialise with interesting business people
  • • To generate new business leads
  • • To escape home working
  • • To host client meetings
  • • To host regular events


The Empire House you see today, is not the version you’ll see in 12 months. We have ambitious growth plans.

​With that in mind, we have a strong vision to share with you.


What does that mean?

​We’re a nucleus of dynamic businesses and Empire House sits at the heart of our members’ successes. We want their businesses to be so intertwined/synonymous with EH, and for business owners to enjoy the space so much, that they stay forever. When people ask members, “What was a turning point for your business?”, we want them to be able to mention Empire House.

What do we do?

Our memberships support people who have become isolated; they give new businesses a platform; they help MDs/CEOs to get the space they need – all whilst creating a collaborative network where people do business with each other and gain advice from one and other.

Our promises:​

•To create a nucleus of ambitious, passionate people who are inspired by each other’s successes and stories
•To create a special experience, in a beautiful but relaxed atmosphere
•To help people create lasting connections
•To open up new opportunities for our members so they can confidently namecheck EH as playing a pivotal part in their journeys
•To have bags of soul, personality, and authenticity
•To do everything with passion
•To deliver on our promises

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