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The benefits of an apprenticeship – from the employee and employer’s perspectives

As a company that employs trainees, we want to sing the praises of the apprenticeship scheme and how it has not only helped us as a business, but also the team members who have completed/are undertaking an apprenticeship…



  1. The benefits of apprenticeship from the employer’s perspective


Amy explains how Empire House has benefitted…


  • They learn on the job – and you watch them flourish


If you appoint the right person, they will grab the role with both hands and be eager to learn. They’ll go from strength-to-strength, and you’ll find a huge amount of fulfilment in supporting them in their career development.


For me, there is nothing quite like watching someone grow in confidence and skill.


  • You can carve a role for your exact needs


When you own a small business, your staff usually need to fill several roles. At Empire House, the team need to be willing to get stuck into everything from doing the washing up, to helping make decisions about the business.


It can be difficult to find someone senior who is willing to be so malleable.


With an apprentice, you can expose them to different scenarios and carve a role for them that exactly suits your business’ needs.


  • It gives others responsibility


Hiring an apprentice usually means that other team members can develop, too. It might mean that someone moves into their first management role, and, in turn, it gives them the extra capacity to take more responsibilities on.


  • The apprenticeship training provider supports you


If you choose a good training provider, they will teach your apprentice the basics about the world of business, such as the economy and what recessions are, for example – meaning that they have a level of grounding when you’re discussing how things can impact your business.


  1. Benefits from a current apprentice’s perspective


Hear from our current apprentice, Molly…

Molly-English-Apprentice at Empire House


  • I’ve grown in confidence


My apprenticeship has helped my confidence grow as it has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’ve grown new knowledge for the business and am now confidently able to tell people the benefits of joining Empire House and what the business does. I’m able to talk and get involved in business decisions and feel like my points and views are taken seriously, growing my confidence as my ideas are taken in by the people I work with.


  • I’ve learnt about the world of business & the economy


My apprenticeship is showing me all the different paths that there are in the world of business. It has shown me the best ways to make your business stand out from the others and the best ways to grow a business. It has also taught me the importance of have value in your own work because if you know you can produce something to a higher standard then it will have a positive impact on the business and adds value to the customer.


I have learnt key skills about the economy such as what an economic downturn is, how inflation can affect your business and how a recession is dealt with.

This can be beneficial to an employer as this knowledge can be applied.


  • I’ve gained practical skills 


I have gained practical skills such as my organisation, time management, how to work best with others and many more. These are all key skills that I have developed or gained as it has allowed me to better myself and my work.


  1. Benefits, from a former apprentice


Hear from Ashleigh, our manager (and former apprentice) …

Ash-Schofield-Manager at Empire House

  • How to plan events


My apprenticeship has allowed me to unleash my creative side by bringing my clients’ visualisations to life when planning their event. The success of an event and how happy a client is all down to how well I plan it.


I’ve learned that planning any event involves a certain amount of repetition as there are specific key parts which will be carried out in any event planning process, for example, finding out the client’s budget – which is an important task that’s completed every time.


  • Time management


My apprenticeship has allowed me to plan my days at work thoroughly as I need to create a balance between work meetings, apprenticeship meetings, coursework, and work tasks. I’ve learnt time management is important in a working day and creates a less stressful and more organised environment. I complete a plan every Monday for the working week ahead.


  • The world of business 


My knowledge of the business world has increased due to my apprenticeship as it has shown me how to start a business, tips and tricks on how to grow a business, how to manage staff and much more. It has also taught me how to promote a business in terms of marketing, and the more I put this into practice, the more I learn what our target audience likes.

For example, I understand that reels have more impact on Instagram than a picture post.

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