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Launch date announcement

It’s been 18 months since we acquired the Old Town Hall, and I never anticipated that a year and a half down the line, we wouldn’t yet be open.

COVID really did throw a spanner in the works. But in some ways, it has been a blessing in disguise. We’ve been given the time to assess exactly what people need from an office environment – especially in a post-COVID world, where head offices are closing, and people are being given the flexibility to work from anywhere, and with huge benefits.

We’ve created office spaces that are ideal for small firms; as satellite offices; or even a base for larger firms to ‘man’ the office flexibly.

However, the true magic of Empire House, in my opinion, comes from ‘The House’. It’s a luxurious yet functional business lounge, providing fresh coffee, a stocked bar and space to ‘think’, relax or entertain. A few weeks ago, someone referred to it as a ‘Sui Generis’ business, meaning “of its/his/her/their own kind, in a class by itself”, therefore “unique”, and I must agree.

The idea of a shared business space is nothing new – in fact, it’s a booming industry. But I’m really not sure if there’s anywhere exactly like Empire House.

It is both formal, and casual. It is a space for negotiating business deals, and relaxing. It’s where you can sit alone with your laptop, or with your client over a glass of wine. However you want to use the space, it is a positive environment to maximise efficiency and happiness, whilst boosting the perception of your business to clients, suppliers and employees.

There’s a special feeling about it which I am yet to capture in words.

We can’t wait to open the doors and invite the local business community in to cast their eyes on, and feel the buzz of, Empire House.

On that note, I am thrilled to announce that we will be launching Empire House on Tuesday 1st June, with free day passes available for people to try it out (for use in June or July).

Membership applications will open at our launch party on 1st July. Spaces will be limited, so if you’re interested in how it all works, or if it may work for you and your business, please do get in touch for your complimentary pass.

By Amy Byram

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