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Plan your best ever off-site strategy day

With the fresh year underway, now is the time to book in your 2022 strategy day.

It’s important to take time out of your busy schedule to set out the vision, goals, opportunities, and challenges for the year ahead – whether it’s within a core team or a top-level leadership group.

These meetings are often held offsite, making it easier for you to gain headspace and to see the bigger picture, without distractions.

At Empire House, our 9-person boardroom is the perfect place to host your 2022 strategy day, and we have put together a special package for you:

  • 175.00 for full day booking
  • Includes breakfast (croissants, juice, fruit) and lunch for up to 6 people (note: the meeting room can hold 9 people)
  • Coffees and teas included
  • Flipchart, whiteboard, and video facilities
  • A downloadable 2022 PR strategy workbook with 15 min phone call/chat
  • Break out space available for one-to-one chats

We ‘ve even put together an example agenda for you, to get the most out of your day:

Email [email protected] to book in your strategy day today.

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